Kingsley Eco solutions Case Studies.

Case study 1.

16 Suntech 245 watt Panels fitted to the south roof of a property in East Preston, West Sussex.  3.92kWp System, earning and saving the customer £1,712 in the first year.


Case Study 2

Kingsley embarked on an exciting project in October 2010, combining Redland Duoplain concrete interlocking tiles with a second generation integrated Redland Solar PV tile system on a property in Rustington, West Sussex.

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Case study 3

Solar Panel Installation in Worthing, West Sussex
Michael and Gay opted to maximise their return on investment by having 18 Suntech 210 watt solar panels installed.  9 panels on their East and 9 on their West roof.  Kingsley designed the system using two inverters, to maximise efficiency in this situaiton.
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Case study 4

Kingsley installed a 2.73kWh solar PV system in Brighton, East Sussex.  With a large South West and a small South East hipped-end roof Kingsley used 13 Suntech 210 Watt panels.

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Case Study 5

Mr H of West Chiltington, West Sussex chose the maximum system to receive the highest level of feed in tariff.  Kingsley installed 16 Suntech 245 watt panels to the south facing roof which will earn and save him £1,712 in the first year alone.

Kingsley Eco case study 5pdf_download




Case study 6

Kingsley installed 10 Suntech 245 watt Mono-Crystalline Solar PV Panels to a property in Angmering, West Sussex, view the PDF to see the customers predicted earnings and savings report for the first year.

Kingsley Eco case study 6 pdf_download




Case study 7

With limited roof space on a bungalow in Ferring, West Sussex, Mr & Mrs P decided to go with the Sanyo HIT 240 watt panel, Kingsley designed a system to include 8 of these panels giving the couple a 1.92 kwp output.  The Sanyo are a great panel to use when there is limited space on the roof.

Kingsley Eco case study 7pdf_download




Case study 8

Mike & Jackie made the decision to maximize the space on their large east / west roof in East Preston, West Sussex.  Kingsley  designed a suitable 18 panel system with two inverters taking the size to just under 4kWh.

Kingsley Eco case study 8pdf_download